Enthusiasm Shoppe

10 09 2010

Welcome to Pumpkin’s Diary v. 2: Enthusiasm Shoppe!!!

Yes, as the “v. 2” suggests, this is my second blog. The first one, unfortunately, has to be… deactivated. Why? Well, I too much “played” with the content, until it might be… “inappropriate” for public view.

I must confess: I put too much silly things in the previous blog, until it now looks like a pile of rants.

I actually wanted to keep going with it, but it might just give bad image to the development I made. It’s a pity, indeed, but it turned out I have no choice but dumping it….

I remember telling my friend once not to dump his old blog to start the new one. The reason is simple: if we didn’t continue moving on what there is now, it’s impossible for us to get on the finish line, right? Well, it turned out that this philosophy still has its flaw, and I must admit I was wrong. Perhaps, sometimes, changing the path you’re taking can be a good idea… as long as you still keep going with it.

Maybe. Either way, I hereby admit I was wrong.  😦

…Whew! But what’s the big deal? At least I still get some lessons from this:

  1. An absolute philosophy can have a flaw, depending on the situation.
  2. Don’t put too much rant in your blog—it will disgust yourself as a writer.
  3. Don’t use too much expletives in your writing—it will just ruin your image when you start to mature.
  4. Following the previous one above, think again what will happen in the future!!! If I know I will remake this blog, I might not write all of those stuffs. Probably.

…But what’s the big deal? If I didn’t do it that way, I wouldn’t learn all of this, right?  🙂

Well, anyway and anyhow, I NEVER delete the version one. I still keep it in my storage, though keeping it hidden. Some posts are too precious to be thrown away. It is now part of my personal collection, and maybe I’ll repost few of them again later, depending on what will happen in the future.

Now, let’s forget from the version one and to the new and improved… Enthusiasm Shoppe!!!

For this version, instead of posting rants and silly daily stuffs, I will focus on things that I enjoy and more useful, including (but not limited to) music, video, animation, comic and writing—just everything that might be so simple, useless and nearly meaningless, but still makes people smile or even laugh. The point of this blog is no longer “how to get rid of your frustration by writing it down”, but rather “how to see rainbow in the middle of rainy days.” Yes, this blog will include lots and lots of beautiful things in this world that we often missed—something interesting and exciting that happens today, right now, and at the moment. However, the only way for you to realize it, is no other than to take a rest for a while and see the world perceptively….

…I don’t know how about you, but I’m a bit tired of only seeing the negative sides of the world (which, unfortunately, are plenty of them). Why don’t we, for a second, take a rest from being negative and enjoy life a bit? See, this is all about changing your perspective! Because life is a rainbow… and we get it for free!  🙂

Have fun, guys! See you inside!




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