YouTube Power

17 09 2010

Okay, the first thing I want to talk about here is one of my favourite websites. Yes, I’m sure you have known it well: It’s YouTube!

There’re several reasons why I’m so attached to YouTube, and this is what’s so great about this website:

  1. I don’t have TV or DVD since I went to Australia to study. There is one at the living room, actually (I’m living in a homestay), but I can’t watch comfortably there, especially when my homestay mother is so busy working in the kitchen. It really makes me look lazy and unhelpful, doesn’t it? Anyhow, YouTube is great for people like me: those who’re unable to use TV or DVD, but have access to computer and internet.
  2. There’re so many things in YouTube, most of which you might be surprised to find. YouTube is not limited to what we always find in the first page—it’s far deeper than that if you want to explore it more! There might be very few (if any) a complete one-hour-or-more movie, but it’s so full of short films, varied from 3 minutes sequence to 30 minutes or more (though if it’s quite long, usually it’s separated into several parts). If you don’t believe me, try to watch this Mr. Bean movie in YouTube—no need for TV anymore! 🙂
  3. You can watch them anytime you want. Yes, yes, you can! Unlike TV, you don’t have to be bound by their film schedule or movie choice—you can watch anything, anytime!


…Well, in contrast, below are the reasons why you still need TV:

  1. TV is more complete—who can argue with that? Videos in YouTube depend on whether there are people who uploaded it or not, so they can be limited in many ways.
  2. On the other hand, YouTube is also too limitless. As people can upload anything they want (with consideration of the third one below), there are also so many junks in this website. What I define “junk” here is not boring video (it depends on your liking, as there might be someone who likes them well!), but the one with very poor quality that you can hardly watch. An example I have here comes from one of my favourite childhood cartoons, Fairly Odd Parents. I know at least there’s someone who upload it (and I really thank you for that), but it’s nearly useless if no one is able to watch them! Doesn’t mean to offend or anything, but just reconsider it again before using DV—I’d appreciate it if you can put it on a table or something to decrease the camera’s trembles.
  3. Many YouTube videos violate the copyright laws! As a matter of fact, I do believe that giving these videos for free is much, much better for an advertisement. However, if you upload the video, please at least remember that you still don’t own it. If the creators want you to remove it… well, what can you say?


In addition for the third one, I believe that uploading videos in YouTube doesn’t affect the sales at all, as people still wouldn’t be satisfied with just watching it once (usually, they will thereby want to buy the video—personal experience), even if they have watched the complete edition. And if your video is uploaded by the others, actually it’s the same with saying that they like it and ready to tell the others about it. YouTube is a much more efficient way to advertise yourself and your products, and it also determines how well your products are in the market! Wicked! 🙂

In the next posts, I’ll also post links and review films in YouTube that I found interesting. Well, though most of them are animations and cartoons, as they are the ones I’m really fond of. Nevertheless, if you want to recommend something you like in YouTube, just leave your comment here! It’s a pleasure to know something fun and new! 🙂




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