Time to Grow Up, Guys?

19 09 2010

Today, I don’t know why, but I can’t keep this song out of my head.

Click here for the one with the lyric

High School never ends…. You know, somehow, that’s very true. Though most people say that high school is the best moment in their lives—with the only mission they have is to be the most popular student in the school—that time itself never ends. We’re always trying to be popular in many ways: being the top manager in the biggest company in the world, becoming a superstar, trying to be a rich person, attracting the most beautiful woman or the most handsome man, and befriending with as many people as possible….

I mean… hey, we never grow up! We might mature a bit, but the world itself remains the same!

So, what’s the big deal? Nothing ever changes; our life is as beautiful as that halcyon time! Just enjoy it! 🙂

…The whole damn world is just as obsessed

with who’s the best dressed, and who’s having sex!

Who’s got the money, who’s got the honey,

who’s kinda cute, and who’s just a mess!

And you still don’t have the right look,

and you don’t have the right friends!

Nothing changes but the faces, the names and the trends…



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