Marley & Me – Enthusiasm, Excitement and Togetherness

20 09 2010

I admit this post is rather off-topic, for you can’t get this one for free. But it’s still so full of morals and awesomeness, that I’m sure you can get an advantage from it.

<Copyright of the picture is on the publisher>

Marley & Me. Well, if you have a dog, or at least are fond of this little creature, I’m sure you’d like this movie! Before this, I have read book, too, and found it’s also very interesting and… touching. Yes, touching—especially the latest chapters.

Well, but this book and movie aren’t only for dog-lovers only. It’s about enthusiasm, excitement in approaching life, togetherness of a family and sadness of losing something important in your life. This is a story of Marley and John Grogan—a real story.

If you haven’t watched this movie, you must watch it now. If you have watched it but haven’t read the book, you must read it now. Seriously, it’s a great real-life story! Everyone can get a new perspective from it! Appreciate your life like what Marley does! 🙂


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