Pinkan Mambo – Nothing Wrong with Religions!

22 09 2010

Check out this song. 🙂

Today, when I browse my facebook account, I notice my friends were debating something very serious. It’s about one actress from Indonesia—named Pinkan Mambo—who just changed her religion from Islam to Christian. Of course, in an Islamic country like Indonesia, this caused a big protest and some people even said that she was “hypnotized to change her religion” or “she neglected her God.”

Well, personally, I only have one voice here: I. Don’t. Care.

Listen, fellow mortals, why must we debate something like “our religion is the truth” or “they are sinners”? None of us isn’t a sinner—including me, myself and I—no matter we’re Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Buddha, Taoist, Godless and so on. I don’t know anything about what’s in God’s mind, but I’m sure Jesus Christ, Muhammad the prophet, Buddha and the others NEVER want us to fight each other. Religious laws are difficult and I’m no expert in any of them, but here is simple thought: all of them aim for unity of mankind and righteousness—if not now, maybe tomorrow or the next millennium.

Personally, I think this song is not just for those who are Christian. We just want to worship—that’s all. Don’t take it too hard; just because we have one certain religion, it doesn’t make ourselves better than the Godless. Remember one thing: we’re born in the same planet named Earth and we’re always in the same fellowship of humanity. The best bless on us, fellow mortals. 🙂


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