Missing My Nemesis – The Importance of Conflict

25 09 2010

Check out this song. 🙂

This song is the extended version of Missing My Nemesis (or When We Didn’t get Along, according to Wikipedia) from Phineas and Ferb, and I must say, this song is totally nuts. 100% nuts.

I mean, sure, it has some catchy tunes and nice voice, but the lyric itself is seriously crazy. If a sad song like this is usually for a lover or something beloved to the singer, this song is for the most hated enemy. In the other words, it’s seriously off track and completely nuts….

…And that’s why I love this song. 🙂

Though it sounds completely insane, this song rings true—especially in the fictional world, that is. Okay, now this is a reversed logic: what if Lord Voldemort didn’t exist in harry Potter’s life? He’d probably be just a normal boy, good in Quidditch but nothing more, and never meet Ron or Hermione. He’d just probably be a commoner, the wizard world remained in peace, and nothing unordinary ever happened….

…How boring is that story?! No one would buy Harry Potter, if that’s the case!

…So, to sum up, as a matter of fact, a nemesis is useful. Even in the real world, if you didn’t have any rival, you might be just slacking around and doing everything without putting too much effort. But with someone you don’t want to lose to, you might be more motivated to work, and increase the quality of whatever you’re doing.

Some people say that “conflict is necessary” (see here, here and here for further arguments), and I believe it’s true for this reason. So, after reading this post, don’t forget to call your rival/enemy/nemesis, and tell them how happy you are for their dreadfully despicable existence. Yes, I know these words sound absolutely wrong. 🙂


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