My Life in the Worst Diary Ever

26 09 2010

Song for current mood: 😦

Just today, I have officially deactivated my first blog.

Just as what I have said in the previous post, the reason I want to change blog is simple: because the old one is too wild, brutal, impolite and reckless. Everything I put there is a rant of my daily life, which is usually mixed up with the craziest things I always saw nearly everyday—and this commonly results in using a very, very bad word in each post. So, I believe it’s understandable why I want to get rid of that blog: to make sure it won’t give a bad image to the positive changes I have made in the past months.

However, ever since I began Enthusiasm Shoppe, I kept delaying this process of “deactivation”. The reason is actually rather sentimental: that’s my very first blog, and even though its content is worthless, it will always be. Nothing can replace it as my first attempt of blogging, even if it’s the best blog in the history.

To be honest, I quite enjoy the days when I wrote those rants, grumbling and grumbling about ridiculous things happening in my life using tons of vulgar slangs. Though I know it’s wrong, it will always be a memento of my old High School-self: rash, careless and impatient.

Well, no matter how “garbage” that blog is, it’s still my life and it will always be. So I just want to thank Pumpkin’s Diary, for letting me put every wicked thought I had in my mind. You’re the best internet-garbage a blogger can wish for a blog!

…And farewell…. 😦


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