The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Mystery of Split Personality

29 09 2010

Okay, who doesn’t love a free e-book? 🙂

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Aside of its very long title (especially if compared to most of nowadays’ novels), this is one book that has become a legend in the world of literature. It’s especially famous because of its dark theme on “split personality” of a human being—which is especially rare by that time. Well, its complexity is another reason why this book is the most memorable masterpiece of all time! 🙂

If you like a classical stories, this book is a must. If you fall in love to mystery stories and psychological issues, this book is also a must. If you like a twisted story with crazy ideas you never thought of before, this book is a super-must.

But, if you don’t like any of those… well, this book is still a must. You will enjoy its dark, mysterious theme and thrilling feeling you can find in every time you flip to the next page (well, or scroll down to the next page, if you read it via computer). You can download this book at KoboBooks for free; though, if you want a better quality, you might consider buy it with a very cheap price.

If you’re still hesitated, you can get more reviews of it at Colony Library Lady and Reading Room. Have fun, guys! 🙂


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