Original Alice in Wonderland

10 10 2010

Okay, who doesn’t know Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland?

 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

<Copyright of the picture is on the producer>

Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that name very often lately, especially with the newest movie that has been made based on this story. It’s also an important story in the literature, which has influenced the creation of metaphor “Mad as a hatter”, which is quite often used to describe lunatics by this time (for reference, please check our beloved Wikipedia here).

Well, by this point onwards, I bet you notice I don’t sleep in all of my subjects! 🙂

Okay, back to the post. Anyway, even though all of these movies are made based on the original story itself, there’s still a difference between the original and the absorbed one. Not a big difference, of course, and I don’t say that the new ones aren’t good. In fact, I do love it; however, it’s not a big problem to read the original, is it? 🙂

You can download the original here, and by the time you read it, I believe you can see the classical feeling inside! This is the difference I was talking about: not about the story difference, but rather the feeling inside. The new stories, after all, are more modern the original, and this will result in style difference between two of them. C’mon! Why don’t you try to check it? 🙂

Have fun, guys!


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