Zombiekins – Beautiful Picture of a Teddy-Monster

27 09 2010

Take a look at this neat picture! 🙂


<Copyright of the picture is on producer>

Zombiekins… To be honest, I really fall in love to its cover picture, even if I haven’t had chance to read it. It really shows simplicity and wickedness at the same time, and yet not frightening at all even though the title has word “zombie” in it. I also love the idea of not-so-scary horror stories, just like what this picture provides. You can see from its “graveyard” background in the middle of night, yet with a word “fun” scrabbled on the skull right next to it. Well, this just proves how much I love twisted ideas!

And what I completely love is the Teddy Bear of doom—the one you can see in the cover page. He’s some kinds of mutation between bear and bunny dolls, with those two creepy hands and attractive eyes. My another compliment for this picture, for such charming creature it provides! Well, yes, I guess I’m kinda sick when saying this. 🙂

Specifically aimed at children ages 9-12, this book will fit perfectly for those who love dark-but-not-horror genre. It will bring you to a story world filled with a stuffed monster-doll, zombie classmates, and survival horror of two little kids who have responsibility to return everything normal, before their teacher realized he was surrounded by zombies all along.

Twisted, mixed-up story, isn’t it? Well, its “abnormality” is the one that makes me interested with this book, aside of its completely brow-raising, abnormal cover.

Well, my deepest apologies for not stating further review of this book and instead talking about its wonderful pictures. But talking about it is against the limitation of this blog, for what I aim is providing all beautiful things that are practically free. Well, admiring a picture is free, though it might sound like miserable…. 😦

Nevertheless, if you are interested enough to buy it, its price is quite cheap—just around $11 at Amazon. You can also find further reviews on it at Book Aunt and Another Day, Another Thought… or Two. For more information, you can also check its official website, and for more pictures that appear in this book, you can check the illustrator’s blog itself. Have fun, guys! 🙂


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