Original Alice in Wonderland

10 10 2010

Okay, who doesn’t know Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland?

 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

<Copyright of the picture is on the producer>

Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that name very often lately, especially with the newest movie that has been made based on this story. It’s also an important story in the literature, which has influenced the creation of metaphor “Mad as a hatter”, which is quite often used to describe lunatics by this time (for reference, please check our beloved Wikipedia here).

Well, by this point onwards, I bet you notice I don’t sleep in all of my subjects! 🙂

Okay, back to the post. Anyway, even though all of these movies are made based on the original story itself, there’s still a difference between the original and the absorbed one. Not a big difference, of course, and I don’t say that the new ones aren’t good. In fact, I do love it; however, it’s not a big problem to read the original, is it? 🙂

You can download the original here, and by the time you read it, I believe you can see the classical feeling inside! This is the difference I was talking about: not about the story difference, but rather the feeling inside. The new stories, after all, are more modern the original, and this will result in style difference between two of them. C’mon! Why don’t you try to check it? 🙂

Have fun, guys!


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yWriter for NaNo!

7 10 2010

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new program I’ve just found: yWriter5.


Now, following my previous post about NaNoWriMo 2010, if you’ll be joining the fun too, perhaps you should start thinking about what program you should use this year. Yes, I know it can be a good idea to stick with Microsoft Word, especially if you’ve already used to it, but it doesn’t hurt to try something different. And indeed, yWriter has a completely different system of writing that you’d have to experiment before NaNo began.

The beauty of this program is only one thing: It’s thousands times more organized than Word. If, for example, in Word you have to write everything directly in one window, and when you notice that this scene does not stick with the others, you’d have to search the parts you think would be more suitable and then cut + paste it again. And then, just as you try to read it again, you notice they just doesn’t work at all, and you then have to rewrite all over again until you get the result you want.

Well, I’d just say to you that it’s exasperatingly exhausting.

I’m sure, by the first time you open yWriter, you would start thinking, “Hey, wait a minute! Is this a word-processor or what? Why does it look like Excel and Access?” Believe me, that’s the first thing that comes into my mind, before I start practising with it.

Now, the first thing you must understand about this program, is that yWriter sticks with scenes. Yes, scenes. When Microsoft Word sticks with writing, this one sticks with scenes and chapters.

What does it mean? Well, in short, before you start writing the contents, you have to decide which scenes go first, and after that it’s followed with which scenes, and which scenes, and like that until you finish the story. And after you make a draft of what kind of scenes you want to happen in the story, you can start writing the contents, following the cue cards you have had before: your own scenes.

Of course, considering in NaNo you really shouldn’t edit anything, yWriter can be a good choice if you want to move one scene to another. It’s very simple; you just have to drag it up and bottom, depending on where you’d like it to be placed. And after you put it, you don’t have to write it again to make it fit with the story—nooo, you can always do that later. First, stick with what you’ve made for your cue cards, and follow them until your target has been gained.

And another best part of yWriter is this: you CANNOT see what you’ve written in the previous scene. At the first glance, it might be considered a fatal disadvantage, but if you rethink it again, by not being able to see what you’ve written before, your internal editor is dead. He/she doesn’t remember what garbage you’ve written before, where you’ve made mistakes, and which scenes need to be improved. It can be very useful if you think you’re not so easy to be motivated.

Lastly now, think about what you’ll do after NaNo. Since you’ll barely edit in November, mistakes and errors and garbage cannot be avoided, and if you’re using the usual word processing program… well, you continue what I want to say. It can be very difficult, except if you’re taking advantage of the easy scene-changing system in yWriter like I’ve mentioned before. remember: better to make your scenes friends, than enemies.

Okay, folks, so here is the summary of the advantage in yWriter:

1. Easy to make the story scene by scene. You can always prepare the draft before NaNo starts, so if you love to arrange things, yWriter is the best choice for you.

2. Easy to move scenes you think is wrongly put. It saves time—really.

3. You can’t see what you’ve written before—your internal editor is therefore died.

4. Consider editing months later! If you want to make it all easy, yWriter can be a fun choice!

5. …And have I mentioned it’s free? 🙂


You can download yWriter here. I’d suggest you better practice with it a bit, or else you’ll get stuck with the system usage this November. You won’t want to get stuck by then…. 😦


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From Song to Character

4 10 2010

Following the previous post about excellent songs in the Nightmare before Christmas, now I’ll provide one of my favourites.

Jack’s Lament. There is something very meaningful in this song; something deeper than just the tunes and lyrics. It serves the main character as who he really is: a sad, bored Pumpkin King under the name of Jack Skellington.

Even though you may just notice his miserable personality when first listen to it (which indeed is emphasized in this song), if you examine it more carefully, you will also find other traits in Jack Skellington. He’s fast and very light, with graceful ability to jump from tombstone to tombstone like a dancer. He’s also a little bit melancholic, with the boredom of his daily life and longing for a grand new adventure for him. And, more importantly, the excitement inside his skulls: he can jump, take off his head, and even play with it without feeling any pain. That’s because he’s been dead, I know, but there is deeper meaning why Jack takes off his head in the song. Presumably, it’s to reveal more of his graceful side, which might seem to be buried under this sad lyric.

And that’s why this song is wonderful. A song usually reflects the personality of whoever writes the lyric. But not the case with Jack’s Lament—it really shows Jack. Not the writer, but Jack. And I do believe it’s something we have to appreciate—this song really builds up his character from the very basic! 🙂


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A Song for Halloween and Christmas

2 10 2010

Today’s song:

“Making Christmas” from the Nightmare before Christmas. Well, I know the tune itself isn’t as catchy as many other songs you might have heard, and I wouldn’t argue with that. The lyric might be not as brilliant as other songs, either. And the scenes themselves… well, you may have found other movies with a better scenes and music.

So, what exactly I love from this song? Simple: it’s unique. It’s unique and creative, and that cannot be replaced by other beautiful songs.

Not that other songs are uncreative, of course. What I mean is this: even though the title is “Making Christmas”, the sound is rather gloomy and dark. And though it indeed is about making Christmas—an enjoyment and fun for most families—the ones who make it are monsters, ghouls, witches and ghosts. And their way of making Christmas is also special: by beheading a doll, crushing toy car into pieces, painting blood onto a duckie toy, making a snake-toy that eats human, and so on.Yes, it sounds more like Halloween! Looks rather awful, huh? 🙂

Oh, well. But, if you hadn’t known, the Nightmare before Christmas is a movie for children. It’s not a horror movie as what its characters may suggest—it’s a dark fantasy. Children’s dark fantasy, I must say. It’s not scary at all, and even rather fun to watch. It’s a film for family.

…So! It’s already October! A Halloween month! Remember: the Nightmare before Christmas can suit for both Halloween and Christmas! If you’re looking for a Halloween movie for your children, or you just can’t stand horror movies, put this movie into your list! There are also lots of other songs in this movie, most of which are catchier than this one. Remind me to talk about them one by one! 🙂


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Earth the 2nd?

30 09 2010

Check this one out.

After I red about this, the only thing that popped up in my mind is “New planet resembling Earth? Are you serious?!”

Well, since the first “other planets” found in 1995, there have been tons of other planets added into the scientist’s list, most of which the public don’t even notice that they have been discovered. Maybe some of them might have been like what we see in Star Wars, with a human inside black armour trying to rule the whole galaxy and all.

And yet, this is still the first time a planet really resembling our world is found. How cool is that?! 🙂

Still, even though in this video the planet looks pretty close to Venus, its distance is actually more than 1,000 longer than between Earth and Neptune. The distance between our world and Neptune is approximately 1 billion kilometres, depending on its position when orbiting the sun. And yet, the distance between this new planet and Earth is around 190 trillion kilometres. Wow, you really have to live forever if you want to do a marathon with that distance!

Well, it’s a pity we have to wait long enough before we can visit that planet—except maybe a giant UFO suddenly came down from the sky and shared their knowledge to us (hopefully they are nice aliens). Still, I think it’s a nice thing that our Earth isn’t alone. Maybe that planet is our Earth’s sibling. Who knows? 🙂


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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Mystery of Split Personality

29 09 2010

Okay, who doesn’t love a free e-book? 🙂

<Copyright of the picture is on the creator>

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Aside of its very long title (especially if compared to most of nowadays’ novels), this is one book that has become a legend in the world of literature. It’s especially famous because of its dark theme on “split personality” of a human being—which is especially rare by that time. Well, its complexity is another reason why this book is the most memorable masterpiece of all time! 🙂

If you like a classical stories, this book is a must. If you fall in love to mystery stories and psychological issues, this book is also a must. If you like a twisted story with crazy ideas you never thought of before, this book is a super-must.

But, if you don’t like any of those… well, this book is still a must. You will enjoy its dark, mysterious theme and thrilling feeling you can find in every time you flip to the next page (well, or scroll down to the next page, if you read it via computer). You can download this book at KoboBooks for free; though, if you want a better quality, you might consider buy it with a very cheap price.

If you’re still hesitated, you can get more reviews of it at Colony Library Lady and Reading Room. Have fun, guys! 🙂


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Zombiekins – Beautiful Picture of a Teddy-Monster

27 09 2010

Take a look at this neat picture! 🙂


<Copyright of the picture is on producer>

Zombiekins… To be honest, I really fall in love to its cover picture, even if I haven’t had chance to read it. It really shows simplicity and wickedness at the same time, and yet not frightening at all even though the title has word “zombie” in it. I also love the idea of not-so-scary horror stories, just like what this picture provides. You can see from its “graveyard” background in the middle of night, yet with a word “fun” scrabbled on the skull right next to it. Well, this just proves how much I love twisted ideas!

And what I completely love is the Teddy Bear of doom—the one you can see in the cover page. He’s some kinds of mutation between bear and bunny dolls, with those two creepy hands and attractive eyes. My another compliment for this picture, for such charming creature it provides! Well, yes, I guess I’m kinda sick when saying this. 🙂

Specifically aimed at children ages 9-12, this book will fit perfectly for those who love dark-but-not-horror genre. It will bring you to a story world filled with a stuffed monster-doll, zombie classmates, and survival horror of two little kids who have responsibility to return everything normal, before their teacher realized he was surrounded by zombies all along.

Twisted, mixed-up story, isn’t it? Well, its “abnormality” is the one that makes me interested with this book, aside of its completely brow-raising, abnormal cover.

Well, my deepest apologies for not stating further review of this book and instead talking about its wonderful pictures. But talking about it is against the limitation of this blog, for what I aim is providing all beautiful things that are practically free. Well, admiring a picture is free, though it might sound like miserable…. 😦

Nevertheless, if you are interested enough to buy it, its price is quite cheap—just around $11 at Amazon. You can also find further reviews on it at Book Aunt and Another Day, Another Thought… or Two. For more information, you can also check its official website, and for more pictures that appear in this book, you can check the illustrator’s blog itself. Have fun, guys! 🙂


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