Generosity for Christmas

14 10 2010

Another book you might like! 🙂

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Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol. Well, what can I say? It’s one of the best choices for Christmas reading! Beginning with another chilly day of Christmas, we’ll be introduced to Ebenezer Scrooge, a rich man with great loathe towards Christmas. In the first pages, we will examine how Scrooge treats all the others so badly, pays his own employee with minimum wage, and even drives away all relatives around him.

But as cliché says, nothing bad will go unpunished. All along the story, Scrooge will have to understand the true meaning behind generosity and togetherness, especially in the middle of Christmas like this. And to help him with this little quest, Scrooge will be accompanied by three ghosts of Christmas, who will bring him to different places and times to see how the world really is.

…And now, guys, Christmas is coming. Hurry up and find this book for a nice reading in Christmas Eve! You can download this book for free in KoboBooks. Remember: the important thing in Christmas is togetherness!

Have fun, guys! 🙂


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A Song for Halloween and Christmas

2 10 2010

Today’s song:

“Making Christmas” from the Nightmare before Christmas. Well, I know the tune itself isn’t as catchy as many other songs you might have heard, and I wouldn’t argue with that. The lyric might be not as brilliant as other songs, either. And the scenes themselves… well, you may have found other movies with a better scenes and music.

So, what exactly I love from this song? Simple: it’s unique. It’s unique and creative, and that cannot be replaced by other beautiful songs.

Not that other songs are uncreative, of course. What I mean is this: even though the title is “Making Christmas”, the sound is rather gloomy and dark. And though it indeed is about making Christmas—an enjoyment and fun for most families—the ones who make it are monsters, ghouls, witches and ghosts. And their way of making Christmas is also special: by beheading a doll, crushing toy car into pieces, painting blood onto a duckie toy, making a snake-toy that eats human, and so on.Yes, it sounds more like Halloween! Looks rather awful, huh? 🙂

Oh, well. But, if you hadn’t known, the Nightmare before Christmas is a movie for children. It’s not a horror movie as what its characters may suggest—it’s a dark fantasy. Children’s dark fantasy, I must say. It’s not scary at all, and even rather fun to watch. It’s a film for family.

…So! It’s already October! A Halloween month! Remember: the Nightmare before Christmas can suit for both Halloween and Christmas! If you’re looking for a Halloween movie for your children, or you just can’t stand horror movies, put this movie into your list! There are also lots of other songs in this movie, most of which are catchier than this one. Remind me to talk about them one by one! 🙂


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