Classical Fairy Tales from Brothers Grimm

19 10 2010

Who doesn’t love fairytales when small? 🙂

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Grimm’s Fairytales. Well, what can I say?

Brothers Grimm have been very famous for gathering plenty of fairytales and collecting them in this little book. It includes one of the most famous versions of those tales, including Cinderella, Golden Goose and Little Red Riding Hood.

I might need to mention, though, that this version might be a little different from what you know. Snow White, for example, is quite different here, in comparison to Disney’s version. In Brother Grimm’s version, Snow White is told to be having a dearest sister named Red Rose, who is in fact much more energetic in behaviour. They both are the protagonists in that story, and together they help a prince in a disguise of a bear (you’ll be surprised with how many people who immediately judge Red Rose as an evil sister when I mention it).

Oh, well, what the heck. After all, fairytales always have a set of different versions. 🙂

Anyway, if you’re looking for bedtime stories for your children tonight, you can download it for free in KoboBooks. Enjoy yourself with classical tales from Brothers Grimm! Have fun!


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