Need Some Luck?

30 10 2010

Okay, folk, 30th October finally comes! Only one more day for NaNoWriMo to begin!

By this point of time, if you participate this year, have you prepared your story outline? Have you known what you want to write? Have you fallen in love to your characters? Have you decided their personalities and behaviours? But, more importantly for this post, have you prepared your lucky charm?

Lucky charm isn’t always effective. In fact, it never succeeds, except perhaps a few rare occasions that still come from your own effort. Nevertheless, lucky charm still gives you something you can’t find in yourself: confidence. Confidence that comes from a simple, childish mind, as you might say, as believing in something unreal. Yet, don’t forget that sometimes, children can be more confident than the adults, simply because they have their so-called “lucky charm”. Simple mind doesn’t worry too much; they just believe in something without asking any of those nagging question: How can I know it effective? What if they lie to me when selling this thing? Why did I buy it in the first place? Children don’t ask that kind of questions when their parents bring them outside; they just believe.

So, folk, lucky charm is just needed to make you feel good. You don’t have to believe in it, as long as your heart is comfortable with it, everything will be okay. You might have a lucky pen, not because it brings luck, but simply because you’re comfortable holding it. Or lucky jacket; not because it held any charm, but just because it’s warm and makes you look cool. These can be considered “lucky”.

So, what lucky possession do you have in you? A lucky cloth? Lucky necklace? Lucky ring? Lucky earphone? Lucky toilet paper? Lucky eye? Lucky hair? Lucky eyebrow? Lucky neck? Lucky head? Lucky body? Lucky me? Anything is good. Just make sure you feel comfortable with them—including your lucky you. 🙂


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