What if God Went Online?

23 10 2010

I like this video. 🙂

I hope you don’t misinterpret this video as a blasphemy. In my opinion, this video just voices a hope of having God all the time, even in the internet. Is wishing a sin?

Online world is a very rough place. People from different places seek for money, sinful desire and such inappropriate information. It’s good if people just go online in order to have an entertainment. But if they sin in order to get that entertainment… well, that’s when the problem happens.

That’s why, in a rough world like this, isn’t it better to have God to help you?

But again, just as this song suggests, God is “just trying to take away some stress.” Many of us remember Him just when we have a trouble. We pray for our own good, for our need and for our want. We pray for Him to take away our stress. And “we” aren’t just a few people, but thousands and thousands of people all over the world. Personally, I feel sorry for God; He has worked so hard from the very first day this world is born. And He doesn’t get any holiday. If it’s me, I would have been screaming and sent to mental hospital for life.

But do we ever pray for God, even just for once? Pray for His safety, for His happiness and for His sake? Well, I don’t know how about you guys, but I don’t.

…That’s sad, really, to be Him. Praise for Your sake, God. 😦


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