Earth the 2nd?

30 09 2010

Check this one out.

After I red about this, the only thing that popped up in my mind is “New planet resembling Earth? Are you serious?!”

Well, since the first “other planets” found in 1995, there have been tons of other planets added into the scientist’s list, most of which the public don’t even notice that they have been discovered. Maybe some of them might have been like what we see in Star Wars, with a human inside black armour trying to rule the whole galaxy and all.

And yet, this is still the first time a planet really resembling our world is found. How cool is that?! 🙂

Still, even though in this video the planet looks pretty close to Venus, its distance is actually more than 1,000 longer than between Earth and Neptune. The distance between our world and Neptune is approximately 1 billion kilometres, depending on its position when orbiting the sun. And yet, the distance between this new planet and Earth is around 190 trillion kilometres. Wow, you really have to live forever if you want to do a marathon with that distance!

Well, it’s a pity we have to wait long enough before we can visit that planet—except maybe a giant UFO suddenly came down from the sky and shared their knowledge to us (hopefully they are nice aliens). Still, I think it’s a nice thing that our Earth isn’t alone. Maybe that planet is our Earth’s sibling. Who knows? 🙂


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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Mystery of Split Personality

29 09 2010

Okay, who doesn’t love a free e-book? 🙂

<Copyright of the picture is on the creator>

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Aside of its very long title (especially if compared to most of nowadays’ novels), this is one book that has become a legend in the world of literature. It’s especially famous because of its dark theme on “split personality” of a human being—which is especially rare by that time. Well, its complexity is another reason why this book is the most memorable masterpiece of all time! 🙂

If you like a classical stories, this book is a must. If you fall in love to mystery stories and psychological issues, this book is also a must. If you like a twisted story with crazy ideas you never thought of before, this book is a super-must.

But, if you don’t like any of those… well, this book is still a must. You will enjoy its dark, mysterious theme and thrilling feeling you can find in every time you flip to the next page (well, or scroll down to the next page, if you read it via computer). You can download this book at KoboBooks for free; though, if you want a better quality, you might consider buy it with a very cheap price.

If you’re still hesitated, you can get more reviews of it at Colony Library Lady and Reading Room. Have fun, guys! 🙂


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Zombiekins – Beautiful Picture of a Teddy-Monster

27 09 2010

Take a look at this neat picture! 🙂


<Copyright of the picture is on producer>

Zombiekins… To be honest, I really fall in love to its cover picture, even if I haven’t had chance to read it. It really shows simplicity and wickedness at the same time, and yet not frightening at all even though the title has word “zombie” in it. I also love the idea of not-so-scary horror stories, just like what this picture provides. You can see from its “graveyard” background in the middle of night, yet with a word “fun” scrabbled on the skull right next to it. Well, this just proves how much I love twisted ideas!

And what I completely love is the Teddy Bear of doom—the one you can see in the cover page. He’s some kinds of mutation between bear and bunny dolls, with those two creepy hands and attractive eyes. My another compliment for this picture, for such charming creature it provides! Well, yes, I guess I’m kinda sick when saying this. 🙂

Specifically aimed at children ages 9-12, this book will fit perfectly for those who love dark-but-not-horror genre. It will bring you to a story world filled with a stuffed monster-doll, zombie classmates, and survival horror of two little kids who have responsibility to return everything normal, before their teacher realized he was surrounded by zombies all along.

Twisted, mixed-up story, isn’t it? Well, its “abnormality” is the one that makes me interested with this book, aside of its completely brow-raising, abnormal cover.

Well, my deepest apologies for not stating further review of this book and instead talking about its wonderful pictures. But talking about it is against the limitation of this blog, for what I aim is providing all beautiful things that are practically free. Well, admiring a picture is free, though it might sound like miserable…. 😦

Nevertheless, if you are interested enough to buy it, its price is quite cheap—just around $11 at Amazon. You can also find further reviews on it at Book Aunt and Another Day, Another Thought… or Two. For more information, you can also check its official website, and for more pictures that appear in this book, you can check the illustrator’s blog itself. Have fun, guys! 🙂


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My Life in the Worst Diary Ever

26 09 2010

Song for current mood: 😦

Just today, I have officially deactivated my first blog.

Just as what I have said in the previous post, the reason I want to change blog is simple: because the old one is too wild, brutal, impolite and reckless. Everything I put there is a rant of my daily life, which is usually mixed up with the craziest things I always saw nearly everyday—and this commonly results in using a very, very bad word in each post. So, I believe it’s understandable why I want to get rid of that blog: to make sure it won’t give a bad image to the positive changes I have made in the past months.

However, ever since I began Enthusiasm Shoppe, I kept delaying this process of “deactivation”. The reason is actually rather sentimental: that’s my very first blog, and even though its content is worthless, it will always be. Nothing can replace it as my first attempt of blogging, even if it’s the best blog in the history.

To be honest, I quite enjoy the days when I wrote those rants, grumbling and grumbling about ridiculous things happening in my life using tons of vulgar slangs. Though I know it’s wrong, it will always be a memento of my old High School-self: rash, careless and impatient.

Well, no matter how “garbage” that blog is, it’s still my life and it will always be. So I just want to thank Pumpkin’s Diary, for letting me put every wicked thought I had in my mind. You’re the best internet-garbage a blogger can wish for a blog!

…And farewell…. 😦


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Missing My Nemesis – The Importance of Conflict

25 09 2010

Check out this song. 🙂

This song is the extended version of Missing My Nemesis (or When We Didn’t get Along, according to Wikipedia) from Phineas and Ferb, and I must say, this song is totally nuts. 100% nuts.

I mean, sure, it has some catchy tunes and nice voice, but the lyric itself is seriously crazy. If a sad song like this is usually for a lover or something beloved to the singer, this song is for the most hated enemy. In the other words, it’s seriously off track and completely nuts….

…And that’s why I love this song. 🙂

Though it sounds completely insane, this song rings true—especially in the fictional world, that is. Okay, now this is a reversed logic: what if Lord Voldemort didn’t exist in harry Potter’s life? He’d probably be just a normal boy, good in Quidditch but nothing more, and never meet Ron or Hermione. He’d just probably be a commoner, the wizard world remained in peace, and nothing unordinary ever happened….

…How boring is that story?! No one would buy Harry Potter, if that’s the case!

…So, to sum up, as a matter of fact, a nemesis is useful. Even in the real world, if you didn’t have any rival, you might be just slacking around and doing everything without putting too much effort. But with someone you don’t want to lose to, you might be more motivated to work, and increase the quality of whatever you’re doing.

Some people say that “conflict is necessary” (see here, here and here for further arguments), and I believe it’s true for this reason. So, after reading this post, don’t forget to call your rival/enemy/nemesis, and tell them how happy you are for their dreadfully despicable existence. Yes, I know these words sound absolutely wrong. 🙂


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NaNoWriMo – Ready, Set, Wait!

24 09 2010

Well, guys and gals, NaNoWriMo almost begins again….

<Copyright of the picture is on the creator>

What is NaNoWriMo? If you’re still new with that word, it’s short for National Novel Writing Month, which usually takes place in November and July. The main aim in this event is to write minimum 50,000 words in 30 days.

Yes, 50,000 words in 30 days. That means you must at least write around 1,600 words per day to complete it before November finishes. And, this year, I’ll be participating….

…Man, I have scared my head off already. 😦

November… that should be the busiest time in college. I guess I’ll have lots of homework by that time, including essays, presentations and tests. Let alone I still have to find a part-time job, which means it’d be even crazier if I decide to join in. That might mean I’d have to wake up so late, just to complete daily word limit, but still have to attend lectures at uni the next day….

…Oh, what the heck. Isn’t that the reason God creates coffee? 🙂

So, I suppose, the busiest day is not November but October, in which I have to complete as many works as possible before NaNoWriMo begins. I’ll have to be the first in presentations (if possible, finish all of them before November) to survive NaNoWriMo, or else I’d have to complete it at December. The choice is only two: the first, or the last.

Wicked, huh?

Anyhow, if any of you is interested to join, you can check NaNoWriMo’s website here. Especially if you want to be a novelist, this is your BIG chance. C’mon, hurry up! When October comes, you’ll have to start finishing your works for NaNoWriMo! Let’s see if we’ll still be breathing by December. 🙂

…*Sigh* Now I have to collect as many music as possible, to listen to it on November.


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Pinkan Mambo – Nothing Wrong with Religions!

22 09 2010

Check out this song. 🙂

Today, when I browse my facebook account, I notice my friends were debating something very serious. It’s about one actress from Indonesia—named Pinkan Mambo—who just changed her religion from Islam to Christian. Of course, in an Islamic country like Indonesia, this caused a big protest and some people even said that she was “hypnotized to change her religion” or “she neglected her God.”

Well, personally, I only have one voice here: I. Don’t. Care.

Listen, fellow mortals, why must we debate something like “our religion is the truth” or “they are sinners”? None of us isn’t a sinner—including me, myself and I—no matter we’re Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Buddha, Taoist, Godless and so on. I don’t know anything about what’s in God’s mind, but I’m sure Jesus Christ, Muhammad the prophet, Buddha and the others NEVER want us to fight each other. Religious laws are difficult and I’m no expert in any of them, but here is simple thought: all of them aim for unity of mankind and righteousness—if not now, maybe tomorrow or the next millennium.

Personally, I think this song is not just for those who are Christian. We just want to worship—that’s all. Don’t take it too hard; just because we have one certain religion, it doesn’t make ourselves better than the Godless. Remember one thing: we’re born in the same planet named Earth and we’re always in the same fellowship of humanity. The best bless on us, fellow mortals. 🙂


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